Mediation Yeovil

Mediation Yeovil

Bella Holliday - MediatorIf you've got a difficult subject that you need to discuss with someone such as an ex-partner or estranged member of the family, I can assist you by providing a neutral place to meet and by supporting those discussions so that you can find workable solutions to issues such as finance, property and the children.

It is absolutely normal to feel apprehensive about being in the same room as someone who you don't feel comfortable with, but if you are willing to simply attend - I can manage the rest. I don't take sides and I don't make judgements but I will ensure that you make informed decisions and that all your concerns are addressed. At the conclusion of mediation I will formally record your agreement which you have the option of making legally binding.

Typically, children's issues require one to two joint sessions, property and finance may be up to four joint sessions. I am also qualified to offer Child Consultation so that if your child/children choose (like you) to take part in mediation and have a voice in the proceedings, I should be very happy to work with them.

The National Audit Office state that mediation can be as little as one third of the time and cost that arbitration incurs, and has been proven to not only reduce the stress and conflict betweeen the two parties but it ensures that the ongoing parental co-operation is far more effective.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAM) for Family Court Proceedings.

If you are filing a family matter to the Court, a mediation assessment meeting must have been attended as part of the pre-action protocol. Having attended your MIAM, if there is no prospect of mediation going ahead I can sign your Court application form that proves your attendance. 

Fees for private clients, per person, are as follows:

M.I.A.M £80 45 mins
Child only issues £90 90 mins
Property and Finance issues £130 90 mins
Property, Finance and Children £150 90 mins

On a final note, you might like to know that I am a member of the College of Mediators and am accredited by the Family Mediation Council as a Mediator and Professional Practice Consultant. As with my colleagues, this service and your time spent with me is strictly confidential. If you would like an assessment meeting to look at your options and to see what you need to do next, please call on our main number and I shall be very happy to help.

Contact us now for Mediation in Yeovil and Mediation Information Assessment Meetings in Yeovil.

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Mediation Yeovil - No Judgement
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